Reliance High Tech

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Ensure the Continuous Supply of Essential Services

From safeguarding water supplies to securing nuclear power stations, oil and gas pipelines and telecommunication networks, the UK’s leading utilities companies trust Reliance High-Tech to deliver cost-effective solutions that ensure the continuous flow of energy, water and essential services to millions of homes and businesses.

In-Depth Technical Expertise

Operating at the forefront of the utilities security industry, we have the in-depth technical expertise to safeguard unmanned reservoirs, pumping stations, electricity sub-stations and other utilities facilities across widely dispersed estates, often in hazardous, remote locations exposed to extreme conditions, with limited network coverage.

Leverage Your IP Systems

We can combine technologies to create solutions integrating electronic perimeter detection, ruggedised external CCTV and thermal imaging cameras, access control, intruder alarms and intercom, with physical barriers such as electrified fencing, vehicle gates and pedestrian turnstiles. We leverage your IP systems across your corporate network to create a more manageable view of your assets.

Keep Your Sustainable Energy Sources Flowing

To meet rising demand for power from solar, wind and other renewable sources, including energy from waste, we design security solutions to address an array of unique physical and regulatory challenges, including theft of high-value assets from unmanned sites and the provision of real-time remote monitoring of hazardous processes.

In-Depth Expertise and Experience

We design, deliver and maintain security systems integrating the latest thermal imaging, CCTV surveillance, motion detection and access control technologies, with additional support and contingency from our fully-owned and accredited 24/7 remote monitoring centre.

Reduce Risk With Real-Time Process Monitoring

In the waste management sector – including recycling, combined heat and power plants and biogas production – our thermal imaging surveillance solutions can automate real-time monitoring of key system elements to detect potential danger and disruption to core plant processes.