Security Systems: The Environmental Dimension

13th December 2018 Reliance News

Environmental issues are becoming ever more important across all aspects of life and business, and rightly so. Matters such as carbon footprint and sustainability are widely recognised as key to the future of our planet. How important, then, is the security industry’s role when it comes to taking care of our environment, and how important is this to Reliance High-Tech?

The short answer to both questions is, “Very important”.

However, the approach taken, across the industry, is typically fragmented. Some organisations focus on the sustainability of the materials and manufacturing processes used to create security products. Others concentrate on the environmental costs of engineers driving around the country. Still others prioritise the environmental impact of building works.

At Reliance High-Tech we are often asked about our environmental footprint, particularly as many of our large security projects centre on construction projects and tenders, which put significant focus on environmental matters. Too often, though, the focus is on the products and services supplied, with little consideration given to the extraordinary benefits that can be achieved through operational insights and awareness derived from business intelligence.

Extending Visibility and Intelligence

While mitigating direct negative environmental impact is certainly worthwhile, significant further value can be realised by using security systems to drive efficiency in other areas, including  reducing energy consumption, maximising effective building usage, minimising waste and adding operational value to the business. At Reliance High-Tech we like to think of this as “solutions beyond security”.

Imagine security solutions allowing facilities managers in even the largest premises to determine how, why and when various spaces are being used, and the direction and flow of traffic within them. Consider such a solution delivered through a centrally hosted system, using low power devices and sensors on site, the data gathered being analysed with AI technology to extract meaningful business information, as well as enhancing security and safety.

This isn’t science fiction. It just takes insight and expertise. Every building generates vast amounts of data from which valuable information can be extracted, informing and guiding decisions relating to security, the building environment, human resources, marketing and business excellence. This in turn drives environmental, fiscal and productivity benefits.

 Benefits of Integration

At Reliance High-Tech we listen to your needs, taking time to really understand your business. A core focus for us is to bring value through innovation and integration. We always look at how technology can be used to create tangible business benefits for our customers, within and beyond their security, operational and environmental needs.

Using our skills and expertise built up over four decades in the industry, we are able to bring diverse technologies, hardware and software, together. Integrating them with business analytics and intelligence, we deliver solutions that give our customers real, measurable benefits, not only in the security arena, but also across many other aspects of their business operations.

This is important when considering environmental matters, because the hard truth is that there is no environmental silver bullet: it is essential to consider the wider picture, adopting a holistic approach.

As an example, where possible, Reliance High-Tech employs the latest technological advances, allowing us to remotely service, diagnose and maintain systems. With this approach we can instantly improve customer service through ‘immediate online’ engineer response, avoiding critical down time by swiftly diagnosing and remedying faults – or simply avoiding them occurring at all. Cost, carbon footprint and general energy savings can also be achieved through a reduction in the number of physical site visits required.

Our Pedigree – The Holistic Approach

Reliance High-Tech has unrivalled experience in the design, implementation and support of bespoke security systems for blue chip organisations.

In a project for a large power station, we protected a five-kilometre stretch of CCTV and fence detection using wind power, provided by specially designed, low noise turbines, supplementing the power requirements of this critical national infrastructure site.

Elsewhere we provide hosted and cloud services through our data centre, vastly reducing the need for IT hardware at client premises, which in turn saves energy, reduces upfront capital investment and often simplifies challenges caused when trying to sit on a corporate network.

We work closely with you through initial requirements planning, system architecture design and testing, installation, and ongoing maintenance. Through a close working relationship we gain a deep understanding of your security and wider business needs, the challenges and risks you face, and the nature of your existing IT estate.

Leveraging this understanding with our 40 years’ experience in highly integrated security systems allows us to take the holistic view we’ve discussed in this paper, identifying previously unforeseen opportunities for environmental and commercial gains across your organisation.

We then design and implement your bespoke, integrated security solution, gathering new data from across your security estate and unlocking hidden value in your existing data, including that in legacy systems. We improve situational awareness, increase system resilience, and deliver operational efficiencies to transform your operation.

To find out more about how your security system can help enhance environmental and fiscal performance, across your organisation, contact us today on 0845 121 0802, visit or email us at