Reliance Delivers Insurance Help Line Success

22nd January 2019 Reliance News

Unhappy with the service they were receiving from their existing security Help Line provider, a household name insurance provider approached security specialist Reliance High-Tech in December 2017 to develop and manage the service. Today Incident Alert is a finely tuned, continually improving service delivering multiple benefits.

Originally intended to facilitate the reporting of security issues, Incident Alert is now a robust, versatile and efficient tool allowing staff to report concerns about the welfare of colleagues and customers, as well as broader security matters.

Workflow Development

The insurer was dissatisfied with the time it was taking for their previous provider to get call notifications through to them.

“Our customer was facing unique and complex challenges as they sought a flexible and robust mechanism to capture information relating to a wide variety of incidents and ensure onward notification to the appropriate distribution lists,” explained Jamie Fretwell, Head of Monitoring & Lone Worker Operations at Reliance High-Tech.

Because of the wide variety of reported incidents, information to be captured, and distribution lists to be notified, simple reliance on customer advisors following a process would not have been sufficiently robust.

This complexity was causing significant delays in getting notifications out and enabling the customer’s internal business continuity plans to be put into effect.

“We therefore created a bespoke call handling system with workflows addressing the customer’s requirements,” Jamie continued. “Our customer advisors can now easily capture all necessary information and ensure notifications are sent out, in a timely fashion, to the right distribution lists, by email and SMS.”

Reliance worked in close collaboration with the insurer to develop a robust workflow for all calls, to ensure that escalations and notifications could be fulfilled promptly.

This workflow is kept under constant review and enhancement as Reliance High-Tech and the customer apply the learning gathered through the day-to-day running of the service.

Advice, Escalation and Notification

Incident Alert calls are handled by Reliance High-Tech’s highly trained and experienced agents at its contact centre in Pontefract, West Yorkshire. On receiving a call, the agent takes the caller through a predefined questionnaire, entering data into the call management system as the call progresses.

As well as giving the agent the questions to ask, the questionnaire also prompts them to give the caller appropriate advice at various points in the call. At the end of the call, the call management system automatically triggers the customer’s appropriate pre-defined escalation, allowing them to initiate their internal business continuity plans. It also emails a call summary to the insurer’s relevant stakeholders, and text messages prompting them to check their emails.

 As a result, notification is now near instant, at, or, in some cases even before, the end of the call. Having been involved in various aspects of the development of Incident Alert, and having experienced the benefits offered by Reliance High-Tech’s management of the service, the customer is pleased: “A key objective for us was to improve the time from call closure to the alert being received by the business, as this service is used to escalate concerns which could require immediate intervention,” explained the insurer’s Customer Service Manager. “It is fair to say that Reliance High-Tech have not only met this objective but surpassed it, exceeding expectations within Week One and continuing to do so all these months on.”

Diverse Topics

Recent calls have included several reporting lost ID badges, a number concerning customers who had threatened to harm themselves after their claims were declined, one about a colleague who had suffered a head injury in a fall before starting work, and a variety relating to lost phones and laptops.

Superlative Performance

The service, which runs around the clock every day of the year, has delivered impressive performance.

99% of last month’s enquiries were fully handled within 30 seconds of their calls being made, while reports were sent for 38 of the 96 calls made before those calls had completed, against an SLA requiring P1 notifications to be sent within 10 minutes of the call ending and within 30 minutes for P2 calls.

Performance statistics such as these, process improvement opportunities and other related issues, are discussed with the customer in monthly review calls.

Reliance’s Help Line services are tailorable to any organisation’s needs, and quick and straightforward to implement and launch. Reliance High-Tech is actively seeking organisations which would value such a packaged Help Line service. Call 0845 121 0802 to find out more.