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Reliance 720° provides the ultimate assurance and protection, and gives you the data and analytical intelligence you need to manage your risks in the most informed and efficient way.

In today’s world, threats are constantly evolving and software and hardware constantly developing. Security systems are becoming ever more interconnected, opening up new opportunities for easier and more effective management and maintenance, but also presenting new opportunities to attackers.

Security today requires a ‘holistic’ approach that evolves constantly, can quickly meet new threats but also delivers efficiencies and improved management information. Reliance High-Tech understands that having the right information, readily available, is the key to optimising your operation and effectively deploying your security assets.

Reliance 720° leverages our infrastructure, expertise and advancements in IP technology to meet this challenge. Our hosted IP service transforms the management, monitoring and measurement of your security assets. It provides the ultimate assurance and protection, and gives you the data and analytical intelligence you need to manage your risks in the most informed and efficient way.

Services include:

  • Health and usage monitoring for CCTV and surveillance systems
  • Access control monitoring
  • Card management services
  • Environmental monitoring, including lost connections, trends, temperature and storage
  • Intelligent buildings management and conditions monitoring
  • Unified portals with total security and maintenance operations visibility
  • Data mining, tracking trends, detecting anomalies and deploying pre-emptive support
  • Automated data, video and voice analytics for compliance reporting
720° Security Monitoring


Reliance High-Tech has held ISO27001, the recognised standard for information security, for several years. We have extensive experience in using the standard effectively to protect business information.

With its implementation requiring significant investment and resources, ISO27001 can seem out of reach for many businesses. However, with Reliance High-Tech’s expertise in the application of best practices to customer environments, the significant benefits of this highly effective standard can be secured. We can provide:

  • Change management
  • System scoring and benchmarking
  • Data classification
  • Capacity management and performance monitoring
  • Business resiliency and disaster recovery designs
  • Application and infrastructure penetration testing

Building on its ISO27001 credentials, Reliance High-Tech recently achieved certification under the UK government-backed Cyber Essentials security scheme. The scheme sets the standard for cyber security, helping to protect UK organisations against attack by cyber criminals. Cyber Essentials guidance covers boundary firewalls and Internet gateways, secure configuration, access control, malware protection and patch management. By combining measures from both Cyber Essentials and ISO27001, Reliance will be able to deliver the highest standards of information and data security to customers.

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Customer Portal

Enjoy complete performance transparency and access all important security maintenance data online.

Linked directly to engineer activity in the field and our call handling centre, easy-to-use dashboards show accurate and up-to-date information on the status of service calls, planned preventative maintenance activity (PPMS) and, importantly, performance against your Service Level Agreement and other Key Performance Indicators.

The portal is built using industry standard technologies, supports all standard devices and interfaces with a variety of third party solutions through direct links to full API integration, and can be fully customised to meet the specific needs of your contract and security teams.

Service Portal
Connected Support

Connected Support

Through remote monitoring agents, or by implementing a VPN connection into your infrastructure, Reliance High-Tech can offer a wide range of support services.

Remote agents monitor your security platforms, reporting back on trends, issues and performance alerts. Our skilled engineers can remotely investigate issues and work with your own technical team to support, manage and improve your systems.

Tailored to recognise known security issues on your networks, our ‘black box’ Security Sentinel alerts us to vulnerabilities. Constantly evolving to cater for the latest threats, Security Sentinel works constantly to prevent issues, so you don’t have to respond to them after you’ve been hit.

Security Intelligence

Security Intelligence

Today’s security systems capture and store vast quantities of data, but raw data is of little value. It is vitally important that raw data is processed into business information and intelligence that can be used to improve security, customer and employee experience, and profitability.

Reliance has extensive experience in data management and processing. We can help you link your siloed platforms and extract business intelligence from the data your systems collect, improving your understanding and decision making.

Bespoke Application Development

Bespoke Application Development

Many security integrators provide solutions based on the best off-the-shelf offerings. That’s appropriate for many scenarios, but sometimes, ‘off-the-shelf’ just doesn’t fit.

Whatever your needs, when boxed products can’t deliver, Reliance’s bespoke application development service steps in. Taking your ideas and needs, our web and mobile application development team creates solutions to address them. We can also offer custom product integration solutions that other integrators would not be able to provide.