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Reliance High-Tech understands that each customer and industry has a unique security requirement. Utilising forty years of experience, we design and install integrated security systems that address each and every challenge.

Our technology-agnostic approach ensures that our selection of products and software is driven by what is right for the customer. We are accredited with all the leading CCTV, Access Control, Perimeter Intrusion Detection (PIDS) and Video Management Systems (VMS) and we also maintain a wide eco system of Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) and other specialist technology partners.

We have the, appropriately accredited, in-house design and project management capability to deliver a single site through to a multi-site pan-regional estate. We are proven at managing multiple stakeholders across complex infrastructure projects and programmes and have delivered some of the largest perimeter security solutions in the industry for major CNI customers.

We offer the following installation services:

  • Access control systems
  • Alarm monitoring and management
  • Asset and people tracking
  • Biometric recognition systems
  • Building hardening (shutters, bars, grills, mesh screens)
  • Card bureau services
  • CCTV imaging and storage
  • Paging and intercom systems
  • Perimeter Intrusion Detection (PIDS)
  • Photo identification
  • Remote monitoring and surveillance
  • RFID tagging solutions
  • Smartcard solutions
  • Time and attendance services
  • Turnstile and parking operations
  • Video analytics
  • Visitor management services
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Commercial Enterprises

We design and deliver solutions to a wide range of private and public sector organisations. These solutions are designed to meet increasing concerns for safety, liability, and loss of assets and data theft combined with a growing list of regulatory standards. Learn more »

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Criminal Justice

Pioneering networked audio and visual evidence, Reliance High-Tech has transformed the way police forces manage and record witness and suspect interviews and track forensic evidence. In addition, our integrated custody solutions ensure the safe and efficient management of detainees at prisons and police custody suites across the country. Learn more »

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Financial Institutions

Complying with industry and government legislation, enforcing ‘Chinese walls’, and ensuring the health and safety of employees, Reliance High-Tech helps banking and insurance organisations continuously evolve their security operations to mitigate risk, protect reputation, and ensure compliance. Learn more »

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Higher Education

Streamlining the identity management of thousands of students, upgrading aging infrastructures and integrating disparate systems, Reliance High-Tech transforms security at complex, and often, dispersed facilities and campuses to enhance situational awareness and deliver operational benefits. Learn more »

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Critical National Infrastructure Initiatives

Protecting some of the highest profile infrastructure projects in recent history, we have worked in complex multi stakeholder environments to deliver scalable and highly resilient solutions that secure infrastructure critical to Britain’s future. Learn more »

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Utilising our Achilles-accredited approach to protect the nation’s water and power supplies, we deliver compliant projects in complex, highly regulated, and often remote environments, while leveraging our monitoring capability. We also manage and track valuable assets across dispersed estates. Learn more »

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