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Reliance Video Forensics

Powerful, flexible and fast video processing to help the police and other agencies improve their analysis of video footage.

Reliance Video Forensics accelerates and enhances police forces’ capacity to extract evidence and other useful information from a wide range of video sources.

On-demand Video Analysis

Video evidence is becoming ever more significant for police forces and other agencies. The cost and complexity of video recording equipment has steadily reduced, to the extent that today most citizens carry a high quality video camera around all day, every day. As a result, following an incident, the Police and related agencies have access to substantial amounts of video evidence. For example, for every murder, some 700-800 hours of video are typically acquired.

Detailed analysis must be undertaken to extract actionable information from such footage. Coming from diverse sources, including public and private CCTV systems, dash cams and individuals’ mobile phones, footage will typically be in various formats, to various standards of quality, and supplied on various different media.

The raw video must be processed to deliver video evidence that integrates, at enterprise level, into the criminal justice system. With video analysis typically consuming an hour for every hour of footage, this process is currently time consuming and expensive, as well as limited in its capabilities and accuracy.

Reliance Video Forensics is a complete postevent video analysis service, designed specifically to accelerate and enhance capabilities, while smoothing workflow and cutting costs.

Regardless of its format or source, input video footage is converted into industry-standard MPEG-4 format, facilitating storage, review and analysis. Video Forensics specialists then analyse the footage, extracting the information required by the customer. Various analytical tools are available.

To find out more about how Reliance Video Forensics can help you enhance your access control, and arrange a demonstration, contact us on 0845 121 0802.

Person Detection and Video Search

Person Detection and Video Search

A “wall of faces” can be created, displaying every individual featuring in the footage, facilitating rapid identification. Persons of Interest can then be selected, and all or some of the footage searched for them.

Face Detection and Attribute Search

Face Detection and Attribute Search

The wall of faces can filtered according to attributes of interest. For example, the footage could be searched for all males wearing glasses.



Filters based on geographical location data may be created using interactive maps, to focus in on footage from the cameras most relevant to the investigation.

Motion Detection

Motion Detection

To save time, portions of the footage not showing any motion can be ignored.


Reliance Biometrics

A solid, stable, reliable, and highly adaptable biometrics solution, set to revolutionise access control across multiple sectors.

Reliance Biometrics offers a unique facial and in-motion biometrics solution, leveraging leading-edge visual identification technologies including facial recognition and behaviour analytics. The solution delivers fast, highly accurate recognition of individuals, even those at a distance or in motion.

Smarter Access Control

The Reliance solution delivers fast, accurate recognition of individuals, including those at a distance and in motion. The solution is versatile, flexible and adaptable, offering benefits in diverse application areas. Key among these is access control, where it offers several advantages over existing technologies.

The solution can augment new or existing access control systems, enabling the automation of control over individuals’ entry to, exit from and progress through secured estates.

Automatically recognising whether or not individuals are authorised to pass, while they are still approaching, the solution removes the need for keys, cards, entry codes and other traditional security tokens, smoothing and speeding the entry and exit process.

Reliance High-Tech’s market-leading systems integration capabilities, allied with the solution’s highly adaptable architecture, mean Reliance Biometrics can be integrated with almost any existing technology, enhancing customers’ current security provision without the need to discard existing investments.

Reliance Biometrics will offer significant benefits in diverse sectors, including healthcare, education, financial services, construction and the public sector.

To find out more about how Reliance Biometrics can help you enhance your access control, and arrange a demonstration, contact us on 0845 121 0802.