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RenewablesKeep Your Sustainable Energy Sources Flowing

To meet rising demand for power from solar, wind and other renewable sources, including energy from waste, we design security solutions to address an array of unique physical and regulatory challenges including theft of high-value assets from unmanned sites and the provision of real-time remote monitoring of hazardous processes.

In-Depth Expertise and Experience

We design, deliver and maintain security systems integrating the latest thermal imaging, CCTV surveillance, motion detection and access control technologies, with additional support and contingency from our fully owned and accredited 24/7 remote monitoring centre. Your organisation will benefit from proven expertise acquired across conventional utilities sectors combined with experience of working on the UK’s most innovative and complex renewable energy and CNI projects.

We safeguard remote wind, solar and other unmanned assets from service disruption—whether due to theft, vandalism or storm damage—through thermal image surveillance and analytics including the use of virtual trip wires, assigning access rules for designated times of day and detection of unauthorised loitering, while minimising false alarms.

Reduce Risk With Real-Time Process Monitoring

In the waste management sector—including recycling, combined heat and power plants and biogas production—our thermal imaging surveillance solutions can automate real-time monitoring of key system elements to detect potential danger and disruption to core plant processes. For example, thermal cameras can be configured to monitor heat profiles, detect smoke and provide early alerts of hot spots and other potential hazards.

Futureproof and flexible, our solutions can scale to the largest, most complex sites. A full range of hosted IP services includes remote diagnostics and environmental monitoring to improve operational efficiency, reduce security lifecycle costs and enable compliance with industry regulations as part of a fully auditable security operation.

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