Reliance High-Tech


DefenceSecure Your Most Sensitive Military Assets

Reliance High Tech has extensive expertise delivering enterprise-scale security systems for defence organisations. Offering a turnkey approach, our solutions provide the highest levels of resilience, encryption and analytic reporting required to safeguard sensitive and classified assets, equipment and data.

Drive More Value From Your Existing Investment

From risk assessment and system design to installation and maintenance, our proven approach addresses all aspects of the security lifecycle and is underpinned with a comprehensive suite of support and maintenance services. Whatever your needs, we can extend the lifetime and increase the value obtained from of your existing security system and assets.

Deploying the latest technologies our solutions manage multi-level access permissions in complex environments, confined spaces or hazardous situations and integrate access management with core corporate functions across health, safety and environmental (HSE) requirements.

Boost Performance, Reduce Costs

Integrating with HR processes such as training updates, time and attendance records, cashless vending and other operational processes makes it easier and more efficient for defence organisations to comply with increasing HSE regulation, while creating new opportunities to improve workforce productivity, enhance communication and reduce costs.

In any military or defence environment, it’s vital to establish extremely clear access rights for every situation and scenario. One card can be configured to do much more than simply validate access rights. It can be used with a smart-reader to enable authorised use of designated services, validate access to privileges and issue personalised notifications.

Fully accredited under the JOSCAR procurement framework, our engineers are highly qualified with all the health, safety and environment (HSE), IT and national security certifications required to meet the most demanding defence sector assignments.

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