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Data CentresEnhance Protection For Your IT, Servers and Data Assets

With increasing dependence on data centres to keep your core operations running smoothly without being compromised, robust security is critical to safeguarding business continuity and brand.

Leveraging unique expertise acquired in the critical national infrastructure and defence sectors, we understand security in-depth and can provide integrated protection systems for any type of data centre. Whether the need is to safeguard a stand-alone facility or a self-contained module in an industrial environment, our in-house capabilities can address the full spectrum of retrofit and new build requirements.

Trusted By World Leading Organisations

Taking a holistic approach, we create highly secure environments, protecting confidential data, servers and associated equipment. Our accredited IT engineers have experience of working with world-leading organisations to secure their data centres in the UK and Europe.

This includes organisations operating in regulated sectors with highly confidential customer information—from finance through to telecommunications—where it is necessary to provide detailed audit trails to ensure compliance with contractual and regulatory requirements.

Keep Data Security Breaches At Bay

Our portfolio includes perimeter detection and IP video surveillance as well as access control with biometric authentication. Our RFID asset tracking services immediately detect unauthorised tampering or removal of servers and other valuable assets from secure spaces. You’ll be able to manage multiple entry permissions for different areas, while minimising the risk of disruption and breaches of security.

In addition to nationwide and EMEA maintenance support, we offer a full suite of managed services, including remote monitoring and diagnostics to help you maximise the value from your security system.

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