Reliance High-Tech

Criminal Justice

Solutions for Prisons, Immigration and Secure Mental Health

Reliance High-Tech has unrivalled experience in securing some of Britain’s highest security institutions including Category A and B prisons, Young Offenders Institutions, Immigration Removal Centres and Secure Hospitals.

The perimeter security of a prison or other high security establishment is a critical part of providing a secure environment. We provide reliable perimeter solutions incorporating fencing, gates, doors, lighting and barriers as well as detection systems with microwave technology, thermal imaging and video analytics.

Inside the perimeter, our solutions are designed to ensure the safety of those housed within the establishment as well as staff and visitors. Reliance provides CCTV, access control, cell call, automated lighting and temperature controls, affray alarms, intercoms and highly sophisticated command and control solutions allowing staff to prioritise, respond to and manage incidents.

Solutions for Police

Reliance High-Tech delivers future-proof security solutions within the custody environment that are proven to increase operational productivity and efficiency saving valuable police time. At Sussex Police, our solution has significantly reduced the time required for processing detainees through integrated access control, CCTV, affray alarms and two-way cell call. At the same time, this is reducing the cost of video storage and retention for our customers.

In addition to security solutions, we have access to some of the most advanced digital interviewing technology available. A digital server solution connected to a Content Management System could save a typical police force around £250,000 a year and eliminate the cost of purchasing, storing and posting of dated cassette tapes and disks.

Working with police forces across the country Reliance High-Tech is improving safety and security in custody and ensuring efficient and secure witness and suspect interviews at constabularies including Cleveland, Gloucester, Greater Manchester, West Lothian, West Midlands and Strathclyde.

Our solutions have integrated with existing Police infrastructure providing a user interface and information screens that are tailored to each force. Case data is populated by individual officer or linked to the custody system to provide real time information by case number.

Working closely with each Police force our specialist project teams have ensured that every design has addressed unique environmental and physical issues while also adhering to strict regulation and IT protocols. User disability is comprehensively addressed through our relationship with a specialist partner for DDI compliance that is the provider of choice for many Police forces.

Integration with a range of complementary technologies is vital to addressing the different requirements of each Police force – from foot pedals for transcribers, JAWS for visually impaired accessibility through to world class 2FA security authentication enabling the delivery of a restrictive service to external parties – each solution is bespoke. Our expertise in this area also enables us to provide secure access for CPS and solicitors to view Police Interviews over the internet.

Our Digital Interview solution has now been adopted in over 650 Police interview suites across the UK. Reliance High Tech is widely regarded as the leader within this critical and fast changing area of Police operations.

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