Reliance High-Tech


Reliance High-Tech is a certified partner of Xtralis having worked on a number of innovative security projects particularly in the high security and police sectors. These projects have included perimeter intruder detection, mobile video recording and transmission and remote monitoring.

About Xtralis

Xtralis has established a reputation for developing innovative and reliable life safety and security solutions for early threat detection. Because of our deep expertise in fire science and security technology, the world’’s top brands, governments and industries turn to Xtralis to protect their employees, property and continuity of operations.

Xtralis intelligent life safety and security solutions are uniquely suited for optimal operation across a variety of industries. Each of these industries has special considerations, unique applications and challenging environments, especially those that have zero tolerance for incidents.

Xtralis Security Solutions

Xtralis offers a powerful portfolio of mobile, perimeter, multi-site and enterprise security solutions that lead the industry in reliability and value. ADPRO and HeiTel solutions deliver unparalleled situational awareness from the perimeter of your facility to its very core, transforming your enterprise security program from reactive monitoring to proactive threat detection.

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