Reliance High-Tech


Reliance High-Tech are a UK partner of Software House, a Tyco International Company that provides C-Cure access control.  The Reliance High-Tech project team have a wealth of experience in delivering tightly integrated video, C-Cure access and intruder systems using Tyco products. Successful projects include implementations at two nuclear sites, a major investment bank as well as other large enterprise-level organisations.

About Tyco Security Products

Tyco Security Products, a business unit of Tyco International, is a unified group of world-leading access control, video and intrusion brands. These brands—American Dynamics, Exacq, Proximex, Bentel, CEM Systems, DSC, Kantech, Software House, Visonic, Elpas, Sur-Gard and Connect 24—have more combined years of experience in the security industry than any other group in the world. Our security integration platforms, built by our developers from across all product disciplines, allow our customers to see more, do more, and save more. Our solutions today are designed to be compatible with the technology of tomorrow.

In more than 40 offices with more than 2,000 employees around the world, we support our global, local, and regional customers to the highest level with sales, technical support and customer service before, during, and after the sale. Our world-class channel of dealers, integrators and distributors are trained to help customers with any complex problem in virtually any industry —retail, residential, gaming, transportation, healthcare, finance, education, government, POG to name but a few.

Pride in our products and our service is what drives us. Unlike some companies that simply rebrand other manufacturers’ goods, we can say with certainty that if it has our brand on it, it is backed by thousands of support, service and quality assurance personnel. And with the most trusted brands in security in one portfolio, we offer the most comprehensive range of premium solutions in the industry to our customers.

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