Reliance High-Tech


Reliance High-Tech is a certified Indico partner in the UK and a pioneer in implementing digital recording solutions that are revolutionising the way the police and courts handle suspect and witness interviews as well as other digital evidence. We have worked with police forces including Greater Manchester, West Midlands, Staffordshire and Sussex, to successfully roll-out this new generation of digital interviewing and digital evidence technology.

About Indico Systems

Indico Systems’ software solutions are globally changing the way industries record audio and video as well as how they mobilize their recordings in a secure, efficient and productive manner. Indico System has more than ten years’ experience in developing, integrating and testing secure recording solutions. For the criminal justice sector, Indico Systems has helped to improve the performance in suspect, witness and victim interviewing processes. More than 100 customers around the world, including police forces, children’s safe houses, courts, military, hospitals, audit firms and the UN rely on our solutions to save money and time, as well as provide accurate documentation of their operations. Indico Systems was established in 2000, and have offices in Great Britain, Norway, Estonia and the Middle East.

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