Reliance High-Tech


Testament to our forward thinking approach, Reliance High-Tech are CriticalArc’’s first accredited and authorised UK partner delivering SafeZone, a ground-breaking cloud-based distributed command and control solution that is revolutionising the way organisations manage safety and security operations. Particularly suited to dispersed campuses and multi-site organisations, SafeZone gives security coordinators in the field, real-time situational awareness to transform their capacity to respond in any situation.

About CriticalArc

CriticalArc is a leading technology innovator, designing and developing the distributed command and control solution, SafeZone. Founded in 2011 in Australia, CriticalArc combined a passion for high performance cloud computing with a deep understanding of security systems, to develop technology that challenges the traditional approach to securing multi-site and dispersed facilities. Complimenting existing security systems, SafeZone strengthens and streamlines the capacity of organisations to respond to threats and incidents without additional capital expenditure.

By empowering first responders, SafeZone delivers real time shared location information and incident details sent simultaneously to the control-room and common off-the-shelf mobile devices in the field. Providing the right information at the right time to staff in any location, SafeZone optimises day-to-day safety and security operations and supports the best incident outcomes – faster, across multiple sites that may be scattered around the globe or facilities that may be dispersed through densely populated city environments.

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