Reliance High-Tech


As a Citicus technology partner, Reliance High-Tech is about to distribute and implement Citicus ONE award-winning software in order to support to better manage their security, risk and compliance.

About Citicus

Citicus Limited is a private company, formed in 2000 to develop and sell world-class security, risk and compliance management software, plus supporting services.  Citicus ONE—our flagship software—equips customers to measure and manage information risk, supplier risk and other areas of operational risk enterprise-wide.  It can be installed in-house or accessed over the internet via one of our hosting services.

Our software is based on over 30 years of independent research into the factors that drive information risk and other key areas of operational risk and those which make risk programmes successful. This gives Citicus ONE a ‘’real-world’’ perspective which industry experts, as well as our customers, rate highly.

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