Reliance High-Tech

Perimeter Security

Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS)

For many types of organisation, securing the perimeters of their premises is a mandatory requirement. Reliance High-Tech offers a broad range of security systems designed to detect intruders as soon as security is breached.

Our Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS) portfolio includes products that incorporate a range of technologies that can be tailored to different requirements. These include active or passive infra-red beams, linear microphonic fence sensors, magnetic anomaly detectors, microwave, laser, radio frequency, capacitive, heat or pressure sensors and CCTV-based motion sensors. Typically, these technologies are integrated as part of a CCTV installation and access control system to provide an all-embracing, totally cohesive solution.

PIDS for CNI and other environments

Depending on the nature of the environment, PIDS can be as overt or discreet as required, ensuring that it is suitable for any environment, including secure hospitals, critical national infrastructure (CNI) and military bases with the most stringent security levels. In addition, Reliance High-Tech can install associated physical security features items such as fences, turnstiles and gates.