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Security Information Systems

Reliance High-Tech is seeing a rise in demand for systems that reduce inefficiency and manual processes within security operations.

Physical Security Information Management (PSIM)

PSIM integrates physical security device management (such as CCTV and access control) with the automation and reasoning capabilities of computing. It analyses information from traditional security systems and causes the necessary data to automatically resolve the situation in real-time. This helps you act immediately on security escalations, plan according to trends and continuously improve security operations.

Physical Identity Access Management (PIAM)

PIAM streamlines the management of identity across disparate physical security systems, ensuring they comply with the same standards as your IT systems. It enables you to automate key processes and simplify identity management. PIAM technology integrates with your existing security infrastructure – without additional hardware – helping to reduce costs and risk levels.

Operational Benefits

PIAM’s benefits include:

  • Security operation cost reduction
  • 100% automated environment for identity management – ensuring compliance
  • Protect your investment in physical security
  • Improve security and lower the level of risk

Next Steps

Reliance High-Tech and its world-leading PSIM and PIAM vendors deliver resilient, flexible and scalable solutions. To find out more about these, and their benefits, we recommend an initial consultation with one of our solution architects.