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Access Control

Access Control and Visitor Management Solutions

It is becoming increasingly important for organisations to proactively manage the movement of people across different environments. Whether you need to restrict access to sensitive areas within the workplace, regulate the flow of people across a site, or manage the safe movement of a crowd in a public place – Reliance High-Tech can help you to get the best performance out of your access control and visitor management solutions.

As access control and visitor management systems have become increasingly sophisticated, we have amassed a wealth of skills and experience in the design, commissioning and installation of fully integrated solutions. Through partnerships with some of the world’s leading access control vendors, we help our customers to take advantage of the best available technologies.  Reliance High-Tech also offers a solution to outsource your access control in the same way many organisations outsource payroll or IT support.

Managed Access Control

By eliminating costs for hardware and software and labour associated with managing an in-house system, hosting your access control with Reliance High-Tech will allow you to take advantage of the most advanced technology and industry-leading support for an affordable quarterly charge.  Whether you have a single site or multiple locations, Managed Access Control from Reliance delivers your access control solution as a service, fully hosted, administered and monitored remotely by our specialists, giving staff, contractors or visitors admission to designated areas.