Reliance High-Tech

Systems Integration

Delivering the benefits of systems integration

The drive towards integration within networked environments continues, harnessing together security, fire and data technologies to produce ever more capable solutions. Reliance High Tech remains at the forefront of this trend, working with the most advanced technologies and the industry’s leading product developers.

For our customers, our expertise in integration, and our use of the latest data mining and analytics practices, delivers very tangible benefits: they get greater protection, more control, increased flexibility and lower overall costs.

Reliance High-Tech delivers these benefits by integrating both new and legacy systems. We can work with you to develop the best solutions from scratch, or we can help you to get the full benefit from security and fire equipment that you already have in place.

If you want to upgrade the level of protection at an existing site without writing-off your previous investments, Reliance can help you find the perfect answer. In such cases your pre-existing systems (such as cameras, access control or intruder technology) can often be given new functionality using the latest management software to make them work harder; stand-alone technology becomes part of a more powerful and efficient networked solution.

If you have a new site to protect, or if you have decided to develop the most effective security and fire protection solution using entirely new technology, you will find no better partner than Reliance High Tech to develop and deliver solutions with the highest specification and capability.

Our portfolio of expertise covers:

  • Security solutions comprising CCTV, intruder, access control and perimeter systems
  • Information management solutions for improved response to threats and incidents
  • Integration of traditional security systems with back office IT authentication and identity systems to streamline identity management and associated processes
  • Network services, design of dedicated security networks or the management of your security system on your existing network
  • Development of transformation / rationalisation programmes for your security system, moving from legacy to future proof technologies.
  • Solutions to counter the broadest range of today’s threats, from cyber-security to physical risks

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