Reliance High-Tech

Secure Patient Monitoring

Patient Monitoring

Reliance High-Tech offers a trusted and cost-effective means of monitoring and safeguarding forensic mental health patients within the perimeter of a secure facility or in the wider community.

The solution can be deployed either to restrict movement in accordance with community orders or license conditions, or to support the reintegration of patients into society. This enables the NHS and private sector hospitals to minimise risk to a patient while providing reassurance to the public.

The benefits of forensic patient monitoring:

  • Facilitates the sympathetic reintegration of patients into the community
  • Supports faster rehabilitation, freeing up beds
  • Provides a cost-effective complement to residential care or direct supervision
  • Better liaison between police forces and mental health trusts
  • Increases public/patient confidence and safety
  • Alerts to curfew violations and prompts rapid response, enabling mental health providers to fulfil their duty of care

GPS Monitoring

The device combines a GPS receiver, processor and communication components, and is designed to be as comfortable as possible. It is smaller and lighter than any other currently available, yet able to accurately locate a patient to within a few metres.

Reliance correlates location-based information and patient data with mapping software that triggers an alert if a virtual boundary or conditions of release are breached. As Reliance is accredited to ISO27001 standards, we are compliant in dealing with the highly sensitive requirements of remote patient supervision.