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Lone Worker Protection

Reliance ProtectReliance Protect provides you with a best-in-class, all-inclusive solution for the protection of lone workers

Reliance Protect is a fully-managed lone worker protection solution created to protect your staff potentially exposed to harassment, intimidation or violence in the course of their working day.

With ever-tightening legalisation such as the introduction of the Corporate Manslaughter Act and spiralling insurance costs, it’s never been more critical to evaluate the use of technology to address your duty of care to your employees, on your premises and out in the field.

The repercussions often result in a direct financial cost to an organisation including:

  • Absence through stress or injury
  • Staff turnover, temporary cover and re-training
  • Management time investigating incidents
  • Impact on continuity of service
  • Cost of litigation
  • Damages
  • Insurance
  • Erosion of brand or reputation
  • Loss of product / insurance if robbery related

Reliance Protect provides a solution that minimises these costs, mitigates your risk while providing you and your staff with peace of mind.

For further information, please visit our Reliance Protect site.