Reliance High-Tech

Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking – keeping watch on your high-value assets

Reliance High-Tech asset tracking services allow you to quickly identify, analyse and validate the location and status of your assets, including high value equipment and materials. Our service combines powerful GPS tracking and advanced intelligent telematics with remote monitoring, IP-enabled security technologies and nationwide rapid response. Backed with data analytics and robust reporting, we deliver customised solutions that make managing your operations as simple and easy as possible.

In the event of an incident that triggers an alert, highly experienced Reliance personnel are authorised to initiate a rapid and appropriate response, enabling a speedy recovery of your goods. Offering maximum resilience, our services are all managed in the UK by certified security experts operating from our dedicated, military-grade Remote Monitoring Centre.

Our asset tracking service offers you:

Real-time remote visibility

A range of options provides maximum flexibility to suit your needs. We’ll keep a constant watch on your assets at all times, and you can also access the same information via a user-friendly secure web browser for 24/7 real-time remote visibility.

Monitoring and notifications

Receive alerts from our monitoring centre via email, SMS or voice about exceptional usage, unauthorised activity or security events to facilitate a fast response.

Real-time mapping

Integrate live maps of your asset locations with Google Mapping tools to analyse the activity and movement of assets.

Geofence key areas

Designate sensitive areas and keep-out zones around key locations such as construction sites, power plants, retail parks or manufacturing units.

Operational visibility

Use smart filters and search tools to capture intelligent data exposing the live behaviour of key assets in granular detail.

Reporting and compliance

Customise dashboards for fast reporting and analysis to drive continuous service improvement.

Tangible benefits include:

  • Strengthen security strategies and inventory control
  • Ensure your key assets are monitored in real time
  • Flexibility to easily tailor alerts most relevant to you
  • Detect and recover stolen assets and eliminate misuse
  • Capture, record and manage a range of telematics data
  • Enable better, more accurate reporting and compliance
  • Business intelligence to improve operational efficiency
  • Control risk, reduce costs and improve productivity.

To better track and manage your assets, call Reliance High-Tech today on on 0845 121 0802 or email