Reliance High-Tech

Remote Monitoring and Management

Remote Monitoring and Management – for security and efficiency

Reliance High-Tech operates the most secure and standards-compliant monitoring, communication and data centre in the UK. Its remote monitoring capability can give you the ultimate reassurance of continuous protection of your people, data and assets.

Our monitoring and management service gives you the protection you expect from a mission-critical security solution without the need or cost of 24/7 in-house engineers or manned security guards. Reliance High-Tech offers services ranging from out of hours CCTV monitoring and lone worker protection to an entirely managed service hosting and operating your entire security solution and associated IT infrastructure.

Security and infrastructure as a service

By combining monitoring with its data centre capabilities, Reliance High-Tech is enabling organisations to put their security operations in the cloud. By hosting your security system our remote engineers and operators can control and manage your entire security solution. You benefit from Reliance expertise and save on on-going infrastructure and in-house IT/systems engineering costs.

Replacing manned services

Remote monitoring can give you all the flexibility and convenience of 24/7 protection – without the need for permanent security guards or systems operators. Whether you have traditional legacy equipment or the latest IP-enabled systems, we can smoothly integrate and support remote monitoring for any type of security infrastructure.

Monitoring Accreditations

The Reliance High-Tech monitoring and data centre is IP-enabled with a services-oriented network infrastructure along with triple redundancy.  The centre is tested to the highest accreditations including BS8418 for CCTV monitoring, BS8484 for lone worker, ISO27001 for data protection and BS5979 so you can be assured of a police response.

For more information on how your business can benefit from our range of remote monitoring services, contact us on 0845 121 0802 or email