Reliance High-Tech


System support that you can rely on – for protection that doesn’t fail

Reliance High-Tech knows that having a reliable and capable maintenance partner is essential.

Our maintenance teams will ensure that you keep your security solutions working effectively, meet your insurance requirements, manage your costs, minimise your risks and get the appropriate level of protection whenever and you need it.

We promise to resolve system problems swiftly and efficiently, round the clock. We give you end-to-end support from a multi-layered maintenance team that includes accredited technical engineers, to support the lifecycle of your security solution.

With our call-out facility and support desk managed from our monitoring and communication centre our team of experts is available 24 hours a day, 365 day a year.

Reliance High-Tech uses the latest diagnostic tools to live monitor key components and the head-end of IP enabled security solutions.

Condition monitoring can provide dynamic, real-time alerts on the health of your system and each individual element in it, down to component level.

These diagnostic tools save time, cut costs and improve protection. Enabling a proactive maintenance model, they help anticipate maintenance requirements instead of reacting to problems only after they occur.

Your maintenance contract with Reliance High-Tech is supported with a robust service level agreement, specifying the level of service and response criteria you can expect. Our standard service level agreements include a one-year warranty plan – or for greater peace of mind you can opt for more comprehensive cover at bronze, silver or gold level.

To find out how Reliance High-Tech’s maintenance can support the lifecycle of your security solution, phone 0845 121 0802 or email