Reliance High-Tech

IT Services

Helping you bring security and IT together

The worlds of security and IT have converged. It is no longer an option to think about physical site security in isolation or to be an expert on cameras but uncertain about IT. Security and risk managers now have to work seamlessly with corporate IT to achieve the best protection for their organisations and to deliver the efficiency benefits of true integration.

Helping to make this happen, Reliance High-Tech’s team works with your security and IT departments to provide the expertise that brings the worlds of logical and physical security together.

Staffed by IT and security professionals, qualified and certified to the highest standards, Reliance High-Tech can provide input and expertise across a range of requirements that include:

  • Security and Risk Assessments
  • Technical Needs and Requirements Assessments
  • Network Impact Assessments
  • Application Development
  • Information Management
  • Identity Management
  • Health and Usage Monitoring

To find out more about the support our combined IT and security services can give you please contact us on 0845 121 0802 or e-mail