Reliance High-Tech

720° Security and Monitoring

Keep protection levels fully up to date with our suite of hosted IP services

To get more from your security systems, 720° Security from Reliance High-Tech is a multi-faceted hosted IP services offering that can transform how you manage, monitor and measure protection of your organisation’s most critical assets.

A security system that was state of-the-art only a few years ago could become vulnerable to new threats today. Organisational change can add the extra complexity of disparate silos, hybrid equipment and fragmented protection. Without a proactive and consolidated view the ability to measure protection levels may be compromised and risks only exposed when it’s too late.

It’s simply not feasible to replace security networks and systems to keep pace with every industry innovation or organisational change. The challenge is to be smarter about getting a return while optimising protection and to ensure that your systems stay up and running and at full capacity.

At Reliance, we take a pragmatic approach to this issue, leveraging the advantages of IP technology while retaining all the benefits of traditional systems. We work with you to understand system vulnerabilities and help you address these challenges simply and cost effectively. Our hosted services integrate environmental, health and usage monitoring and the surveillance capabilities of your systems to proactively protect against system failure and obsolescence and reduce maintenance costs.

We help you to take advantage of advanced IP technologies without additional capital investment in your own equipment and you can therefore upgrade to a hosted model that is continually and seamlessly updated with the latest innovations. These include IP-enabled data analytics, business intelligence and smart reporting tools that can add measurable value to your business.

At the heart of Reliance 720‹° Security is our investment in a portfolio of IP technologies and expertise, hosted via our fully owned and accredited Monitoring Centre. Offering maximum resilience, all 720°‹ Security services are managed in the UK by experienced personnel certified to the highest technology and security industry standards.

720‹° Security can be tailored to support all your requirements, including:

  • CCTV and surveillance health and usage monitoring
  • Access control monitoring and card management services
  • Environmental monitoring of lost connections, trends, temperature, storage
  • Intelligent buildings management and conditions monitoring
  • Unified portals with total visibility of security and maintenance operations
  • Data mining to track trends, detect anomalies and deploy pre-emptive support
  • Automated data, video and voice analytics for compliance reporting

The benefits of 720‹° Security

  • Reduce costs and get more value from your existing security investment
  • Minimise risks of disruption and downtime via proactive live monitoring
  • Enable continuous, measurable protection for complete peace of mind
  • Ensure real-time visibility of risks and vulnerabilities across your estate
  • Optimise resilience with affordable access to state-of-the art technologies
  • Transform a reactive static security set-up to a dynamic futureproof model
  • Enable live, intelligent maintenance to improve lifecycle management
  • Use business intelligence to drive more value from your operations.

To maximise your security investments with 720° Security call us on 0845 121 0802 or email