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Leading-edge Security Solutions

Reliance High-Tech offers a complete range of security solutions designed to safeguard the workplace and protect your information, people, property and assets. From risk analysis and design to systems integration, maintenance, remote management and lone worker protection—we aim to minimise your exposure to risk and deliver robust, end-to-end security solutions that combine the best leading-edge technologies.

Reliance High-Tech helps customers benefit from the convergence of physical and IT security solutions. Whether it is through leveraging the power of IP systems across the corporate network, or delivering integration and the management of a unified identity across physical and logical systems, Reliance High-Tech helps its customers establish a consolidated, more manageable view of their organisation’s assets and security provisions.

Our 720° security approach adds value by enabling long-term cost savings, operational efficiencies and maximum return on investment. Using trusted technology such as CCTV and access control, combined with software solutions and the power of your existing network, our solutions deliver;

  • Lower security lifecycle costs
  • Reduced exposure to risk and liabilities
  • Compliance with key industry standards
  • Increased efficiency, productivity and revenue potential.