Reliance High-Tech

About Us

Transforming Security

Reliance High-Tech is a leading independent security systems integrator serving private and public sector organisations. Combining forty years expertise with a passion for technology, we bring our customers the benefits of transformational and integrated security solutions. Our vision and engineering experience makes us a reliable and forward thinking company—and an incredibly strong partner to yours.

Working in partnership, we help customers combat physical, environmental, and cyber threats and the challenges of managing and maintaining disparate and legacy systems. Agile in our response to your needs, we draw on a proven delivery capability to roll out large projects and multi-site service programs.

Focusing where security is mission critical, we leverage the latest products and software to improve the protection of people, assets, and company reputations. Operating across demanding and highly regulated environments through to complex IT-centric enterprises, we know that technology without human insight does not work. By combining our technical expertise with a pragmatic approach, we deploy and sustain security solutions that adapt to evolving threats, and a rapidly changing business and IT landscape.